Dubai, The City Of Dreams

Some impressions are deeper and durable with a flash of wit which revives the essence of my experiences to cherish the memories and a sweet reminder to stay thankful for the opportunities.

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In the 12 months 2005, I mugged up and efficaciously managed to get through the MBA campus placement. I felt like over the 14th moon, when I became provided a process in Dubai. Being a flounder, It turned into safe and enormous to begin a profession in the Middle East. I hustled up on my maiden journey.

The other day, on first of Muharram, I was feeling home unwell but I had a sigh of remedy to understand that there are half a dozen Imam Bargahs in Dubai. For the primary time in my existence, I got a danger to attend features and hear the sermons of Maulana Zeeshan Haider, Dr. Kalbi Sadiq and Nawhas of Mir Hassan Mir and he Nadeem Sarwar. These gatherings were allowed in pick areas however there was freedom, respect and this impartiality was tremendously liked. On the contrary in Kashmir, people go swords, beat the drums of religiosity and may even harm each other without any regret and sensibility on such events.

In cosmopolitan Dubai, I never felt bothered for the practice. I did my Salah quite simply at each mosque however at my local area we pray separately and cannot bear to peer every different worshipping in one area.

It’s no longer a smooth project to get a riding license in UAE. Even more than 70 percent of the skilled drivers fail and can not get via in the first few years. And I should admit it’s nothing much less than any degree but in Kashmir, you will no longer be surprised to behold the individuals who aren’t acquainted with the ABC of riding and but posses approved riding license. No marvel accidents on our streets are galore.


I continually discover it tough to drive in Kashmir were on a slight collision one is entitled and greeted by abuses regardless of whether you are at fault or no longer. Sometimes you can even acquire a punch or for pleading your case. Honking is our habit. We unnecessarily honk, in order that people can lose cognizance and worsen our strain ranges. Bikers are hardly afflicted approximately the protection of others and every day the range of aged are knocked down via them. It’s free for all on Kashmir roads.

In Dubai, every site visitors incident is treated very right away and professionally and the defaulters can’t dare to pass the road. Honking is taken into consideration the maximum disrespectful factor and may place someone in a massive hassle. If a person is crossing the lane, even the ruler of Dubai in his favorite Mercedes-Benz Jeep will forestall and respectfully let others pass the street.

The way busiest Dubai traffic is streamlined to pave manner for the ambulances to store the treasured human lives in time is feasible because of the little efforts of drivers to turn their motors sideways however in Kashmir neither human beings nor traffic police is interested by learning and be familiar with the site visitors control rules on a way to handle the emergencies.


Dubai may be a very easy town. The requirements of hygiene are such that even the streets are far better and purifier than our own drawing rooms. The sweepers are so dedicated that you can’t see any disposal cups of soda or sulaimani tea mendacity anywhere. Commuters aren’t accepted to devour and drink in the metro and can be penalized if they litter. Contrary to this, once I became touring in a teach from Banihal to Baramulla and I became livid to discover one antique gentleman tearing aside his personal seat. When I confronted him, his reaction greatly surprised me. He said he had paid for the journey and he had every proper to do anything he likes. I felt sorry for his behavior and attitude. Unfortunately, that individual isn’t an exception. One can regularly see street lights, tree protectors and other public property vandalized for fun.

Once on a Dubai Corniche, I plucked a blade of green leaf from a barren shrub and there was this antique Emirati (nearly in his 80’s) sitting in his land cruiser, watching me keenly. He in a flash of seconds were given down and ran after me with pounding heart and damaged breath to teach me a lesson however in some way I controlled to get away for the concern of deportation.

Here in Kashmir, people are hell-bent on converting dense forests into barren lands, wetlands into concrete colonies, Dal Lake into marshland. For the final 3 decades LAWDA has siphoned off tens of millions however didn’t easy as a minimum 15% of the Dal and Nigeen lakes. We are turning our water our bodies into rubbish dumps.


Out of fear It’s no longer recommended for ladies to journey and walk alone after 6 pm in Kashmir but in Dubai, one may be at the back of the bars if any lewd remark is exceeded even at a prostitute. Such is the safety of womenfolk.

In Ramazan, lavish Iftar’s are arranged for the expatriates. People from all walks of existence experience commemorated to return forward and make contributions for the grand feasts and basic necessities are furnished to the downtrodden. Few groups have begun community kitchens to offer low-cost meals to folks that deserve and are disadvantaged of the luxuries of life.

We want now not to be wealthy enough to swim and sip Fili Cafe at Mamzar, watch dawn and scent tasteful Barbeque fragrance at Jumeriah, Payas at Pak Ghazi, experience delicious buffet at Barbeque Delights, watch the sunshine city from the pinnacle of Burj Khalifa, adopt Hip Hop metropolis tour, one hundred Dirham Desert Safari, play or cheer for our favourite KSL cricket teams, find out about one of a kind cultures at Dubai Global Village, pray peacefully at the mind-blowing mosques and revel in the limitless bachelor parties .


Post Pulwama the animosity among India and Pakistan reached to its zenith. Leave cricket rivalries aside, the 2 communities had been residing in concord due to the fact many a long time in Dubai. The paintings, experience and devour together. Indians love Pakistani delicacies and Ibrahimi, Karachi Durbar, Barbecue Delights are a number of their favored hangouts.

Although Dubai Duty Free, DSF, Mashreq Millionaire and my Instore promotions are the reason for the prosperity of many entrepreneurs but there may be no match for those having the passion for excellence, scaling the skies and aiming excessive to convey an increasing number of fantastic modifications, developing non violent groups and growing the nice profession paths for better future possibilities.

Everyone has the toughest percentage of struggles however their hearts are at peace and sense proud for the popularity n rewards which have been first-rate and past !!!!

For many Dubai is tons greater than Burj al Khalifa. Within four and a 1/2 decade, the visionary chief turned a barren region into the most going on the place of the sector.

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