“We have each expectation that we are able to be in industrial operation subsequent 12 months,” said pilot Don McKay whilst asked whilst the flights will start.

The six-minute, $250,000 flights will characteristic an air launch, rocket-powered ascent at three and a half of instances the speed of sound, several minutes of weightlessness and views of the Earth’s curvature.

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“It is something absolutely everyone has to experience,” said Beth Moses, Virgin Galactic’s leader astronaut teacher and software supervisor, at the click convention. “I can tell you firsthand the view is stunning, being weightless and desk-bound — coming to a nonviolent prevent at altitude.”

Virgin Galactic finished a very last test flight of the spacecraft in February and moved its headquarters in May to Spaceport America in southern New Mexico, in which the flights are to be launched.

“These are each clearly exact indicators that Virgin Galactic is getting ready to begin flights,” said Valerie Stimac, editor of the weblog Space Tourism Guide and author of Dark Skies: A Practical Guide to Astrotourism, set to be published by Lonely Planet in September. “Richard Branson has stated he’d like the launch to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, if you want to be on July 20.”

Turley, president of Alpine Travel in Saratoga, California, and Volden, president of All World Travel in Albuquerque, also are confident that the release is imminent. Both are among the 27 accredited space dealers, contributors in a program supplied with the aid of Virgin Galactic through the Virtuoso consortium that allows advisors to sell the flights after sizeable education.

For Turley and Volden this has included experiencing suborbital flight simulation at the National Aerospace Training and Research Center, journeying the Kennedy Space Center, Spaceport America, and the Mojave Desert take a look at the site.

Since first introduced in 2006, an estimated seven hundred people have signed on for the flights, a star-studded listing that reportedly consists of Tom Hanks, the overdue Stephen Hawking, and Virgin Galactic owner Sir Richard Branson. Many have continued notwithstanding setbacks, together with the catastrophic crash that killed a pilot while a Virgin Galactic prototype rocket crashed inside the Mojave wilderness in October 2014.

Turley has numerous customers, which include a family group, who placed down deposits at the flights over seven years in the past and are nonetheless eager to get on board. She started her self belief has in no way wavered and plans to take one of the flights herself.

“I knew this actually is rocket science and might take loads to truly get going,” she stated. “I become heartbroken by way of the crash, but by no means discouraged.”

On October 31, 2014, a Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo plane crashed throughout a take a look at in California, killing the co-pilot and injuring the pilot. The U.S. National Transportation Safety board pinned the blame on pilot blunders and other factors, including the Federal Aviation Administration’s lax oversight.

Travel advisors will have to cope with that legacy as they embark on this new business.

Booking a Virgin Galactic flight, which can not be done through a global distribution device or website, is in contrast to dealing with different types of tour, Turley said. The technique starts with contacting a Virgin Galactic representative in London who furnishes the journey guide with an in-depth settlement for the patron to study with an attorney.

“After the customer opinions the settlement, the budget is stressed to Virgin Galactic, who does an extensive record take a look at at the purchaser based totally on the information we have given them,” Turley said. “We get the ball rolling, but Virgin Galactic takes over from there.”

While unique permitted area sellers are the best journey advisors allowed to ebook Virgin Galactic flights, interested space tourists can also ebook without delay by way of contacting Virgin Galactic. Accredited area marketers are not allowed to reveal the flight commission quantity, which, in line with Turley, “isn’t almost as an awful lot as human beings think.”

Jennifer Campbell, Virtuoso’s dealing with the director for professional improvement and agency services, advised Skift the Accredited Space Agents program is currently on keep as all of the available flight seats were bought.

“More seats will be to be had in the destiny, and we are excited about the next section of our courting at that factor,” she said.

Volden currently has one patron at the books, who signed on again in 2008.

“He’s remained excited and engaged during the technique,” Volden stated. “We produce other customers who are involved, but for the beyond couple years Virgin Galactic has put promoting the seats on the preserve. I assume we’ll see a resurgence of interest as soon as sales can be resumed.”

Turley, a self-described “geeky character” whose adolescence ambition was to be a fighter pilot at some stage in a time whilst this becomes not an option for ladies, said being a space agent has extra to do with private passion than a monetary advantage.

“Those folks who have been on this from the start are virtually in the back of in income because of all that we’ve invested in schooling and promoting,” Turley stated. “No guide ought to move into this wondering they’ll get rich. Frankly, I could make more promoting global cruises or other sorts of the luxury tour.”

To achieve area tourism, Turley also believes that it’s vital to have already got a customer with no longer handiest the method but a proclivity for the excessive-stop journey.

“Some of my clients were already the sort who might journey to the Everest base camp or to Antarctica,” she stated.

Volden consents that customers with a hobby in adventure tour are probably candidates for suborbital flights, however, introduced that many additionally like the experience of being a part of some thing historical.

“A lot of humans interested in the flights just like the idea of being a number of the first to revel in some thing few others have carried out, the chance to be most of the first 1,000 civilians to enter space,” he stated.

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