Stowmarket Food and Drink Festival could go back after file breaking 12 months

More than five,000 attended closing weekend’s Stowmarket Food and Drink Festival, which has become one of the city’s maximum popular events.

Sunday’s event (July 7) in Market Place, which become the pageant’s 2d jogging, proved so popular that the various 50 stalls have been promoting out lengthy earlier than the close of play.

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Especially in-demand was the new-for-2019 gin bar, which had been set-up in the John Peel Centre – in which live cookery demonstrations were additionally hosted.

The competition changed into organized by means of Stowmarket Town Council and held in conjunction with the Museum of East Anglian Life’s Annual CAMRA Beer Festival. David Marsh, the occasion supervisor, placed the success all the way down to ‘teamwork’ among special corporations concerned.

He said: “What we determined to place on was a huge gamble, however, it labored out thoroughly.

“The largest vote of self-assurance came from the investors, they pay for it to show up and happily all people became very happy with how it went. The weather is usually a huge determiner, so we had been fortunate it became a pleasant day.

“We had greater fringe occasions this year, and one of the largest modifications turned into the expanded circle of relatives place – where youngsters may want to enjoy activities inclusive of face painting.

“There was additionally a superb knock-on effect for organizations across the town. There changed into a consistent eight or nine-man or woman queue in Superdrug, as an example, as people have been wanting to shop for suncream.”

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He brought that, by using some estimates, as many as 6,000 ought to have attended, a marked increase from the 4,000 who got here to the first event.

The Food and Drink Festival is now attracting numbers even greater than the Christmas light activate occasions – that have long been a crowd-puller.

Mr. Marsh stated: “It is very in all likelihood we are able to host it once more. We may have conferences later this week to discuss how it actions ahead, but something we determine it will have a rosy future.”

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