Treetop rooms always capture visitors’ creativeness, in all likelihood due to the quirky nature of the lodging and the exceptional views they provide of their environment. With that in mind, a brand new adventure trip that takes place in Sweden will see visitors spending seven nights in seven specific treetop inns in a single area.

The “Seven Nights, Seven Rooms” itinerary has its base on the Treehotel in Luleå and is to be had from August to November. Each of the distinct treetop rooms is high-quality for its one of a kind layout and site, and a stay in each one can be paired with sports and ingesting experiences related to the room.

Guests will indulge in multi-path food with wine pairings, study the nearby Sami subculture, and revel in all that the encompassing wooded area has to provide, such as foraging, rejuvenating spa remedies, the Northern Lights and the megastar-crammed Arctic sky.

The treetop accommodation adventure starts on the Dragonfly, with its rust-brown sheet metal outside and wooden interior, which seems like an insect perched a number of the pine bushes. The second night time’s live, The Blue Cone, is a pink wooden structure inside the bushes accessed thru a bridge from the close by the hillside. The third night time’s adventure takes region at The UFO, a round shape cast in durable composite cloth, that’s preceded with the aid of a stargazing night and gastronomy revel in.

Mirrorcube is an unusual cover-out some of the trees, disguised through mirrored walls that replicate the surroundings. Six panoramic home windows bring the outdoors interior and offer a panoramic view of the woodland. Another night time could be spent on the camouflaged Bird’s Nest, a tangle of exterior branches with interior partitions product of timber, accessed by means of a retractable staircase.

After a forest hike to search out neighborhood wildlife, views of the neighborhood geographical region and berries to get pleasure from with fika around the campfire, the 6th night takes location at The Cabin, which comes with a rooftop terrace to appreciate the Arctic night time sky.

On the final day, visitors will experience a seven-path dinner made with nearby substances, inspired by every room, and could live in a single day inside the 7th Room. The cabin itself sits excessive within the trees, and its panoramic home windows display of the Lule River and skylights permit for interior viewing of the Northern Lights.

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