Dispute outcomes in demanding situations for Chinese nationals in the US

Chinese nationals living in the US stated they may be paying the rate of the US-initiated trade warfare, which has spread beyond broad financial measures to the technology, education and tourism sectors. Analysts warned that if the United States government wants the state to peer solid long-term development, they should return to collaboration and commencing-up […]

Taiwan set to increase the visa-free program for the Philippines,

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan is poised to increase the visa-loose software for passport holders from the Philippines, Thailand, Brunei, and Russia. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) on Monday (June 10) introduced that a go-ministerial assembly decided to extend the visa-free program for citizens of the Philippines, Thailand, Brunei, and Russia, however formal approval […]

How Malaysian employees rort the visa gadget

A Malaysian man who intentionally overstayed his visitor visa in Australia has informed of the giant practice of foreigners rorting the migration gadget so one can earn money right here before returning home. The Malaysian government this week acknowledged Malaysians in search of to earn cash in Australia have been scamming the USA’s safety visa […]

In Peru, more difficult regulations set to push Venezuelan migration underground

New necessities for Venezuelans to hold “humanitarian visas” earlier than coming into Peru will force big numbers of migrants into the casual economy, wherein they will lose safety, assistance, and authority services, aid companies are caution. Peru is the second maximum popular vacation spot united states of America after Colombia for the greater than four […]

Want to Renew Your Passport? Step-by using-Step Process of Online Form Submission Explained Inside

Passport is the most important report wanted if you need to travel out of a country. Many international locations want a Visa before departure from the source kingdom but there are around 40 countries that offer Visa after the appearance. However, a passport is compulsory for visiting the international locations which might be offering Visa […]

Screws tightening on Non-Immigrant visas for expats wishing to stay in Thailand

A decade ago there regarded to be various ways to live in Thailand long-time period. There become a bit of wriggle room inside the interpretation of the tips and there were constantly ‘ways and way’ of securing a visa (nudge nudge, wink, wink). But the screws are being tightened on expats, retirees and long-stayers who […]

The International Response to the Venezuelan Exodus: New Measures

The United Nations announced in June that the Venezuelan exodus has reached an estimate of four million humans. Different nations have allowed the doorway of Venezuelans with expired passports and provided them with transient residency, however, others have imposed new measures to control immigration throughout their borders. Here’s a quick map of opportunities and barriers: […]

Azerbaijan Moves Up In Rankings Of Visa-Free Travel

Azerbaijan ranked seventy-eight within the Henley and Partners updated 2019 Passport Index of visa-loose travel scores because the Caspian region united states of America’s ordinary score has stepped forward drastically over the ten years for the reason that ratings began in 2009. The number of destinations in which holders of Azerbaijan passport can tour without […]

Brothers get passports in only 5 hours to go to severely unwell mom in Australia

BENGALURU: In a commendable gesture, the Regional Passport Office in Bengaluru opened its Koramangala workplace on Saturday evening and requested its body of workers to document for duty to issue emergency passports to two brothers to visit their seriously sick mother in Australia. The beneficiaries were two top bank officials, G V Raghuseshu, Chief Manager […]

The world’s maximum powerful passports have been revealed

Both Japan and Singapore have held onto the name in the most up-to-date ranking, with a visa-unfastened or visa-on-arrival score of 189. Having visa-loose get entry to international locations makes matters simpler for jet-placing citizens, as they don’t have to undergo a protracted or highly-priced software method to go to different countries. Based on information […]